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"I attended VskiCosmometology and graduated in June 2018! I passed both my theory and practical on the first try. The education level there is awesome. Instructors always help with one on one assistance. They prepare you so well for the real world. They actually make you the student do lots of hands on, meaning you have to know how to mix color, lightener, do your partings, know how to cut hair both wet and dry, etc. All the good stuff. What I love about them the most is that they teach you everything that’s up to date, so trust me when you get walk ins and they ask for the latest trend, you’ll have it all under control."


- Juan, Graduate

"I started VskiCosmetology School in October. It has been life changing. If I had to decide what school I would attend, and make sacrifices for all over again I would still choose a VskiCosmetology School. I knew the day I walked through the doors that this was the school for me. The instructors are friendly, and caring. They take their time out to make sure you understand, and show you techniques one on one. They are very encouraging.This is my family away from home. I have always wanted to do hair, and pursue my career as a cosmetologist. I had some other life goals I wanted to accomplish first, but after accomplishing those goals I prayed about where would I go next in my career. I didn’t feel fulfilled. I felt something was missing, something that I just couldn’t get out my soul. I decided to step out on faith. I truly feel that faith, and destiny led me where I am today. Once this journey is over I will be fulfilled."


- Sheree, Graduate       


"I attended Vski Cosmetology, and I cannot say enough wonderful things!! The instructors are incredibly passionate, knowledgeable, and committed to your success. It is because of the exceptional education I received that I was able to confidently enter into my career as a hairdresser. To anyone that is looking for an amazing Cosmetology school, Vski is the place for you!"


                 - Michaela, Graduate 

"I attended VskiCosmometology and graduated in May 2018! I passed my stateboards, both on the first try! I feel my education level surpasses others in the industry. They teach update techniques and set each student up for success. Highly recommend them for anyone that is interested in the industry! Wish I would’ve gone 5 years ago!"


                    - Meghan, Graduate        

GRADUATE                             BUZZ. 

"I started Vski Cosmetology almost 14 weeks ago and has been the best impact on my life thus far. I truly enjoy my everyday experience at school, I look forward to what I’m gonna learn by the end of everyday. We are about to start taking our first clients and models and I’m so stoked! Best decision I’ve ever made"


- Morgan, Graduate

"I loved attending VSKI Cosmetology ! I loved my instructors and the exciting atmosphere we were able to learn in! I feel like the skills I achieved are so helpful and useful now in my career path and I cannot wait to see where else they take me !!! So thankful for the opportunity to have graduated form this amazing school!!"


- Presslie, Graduate

Lucretia - as a newbie at Vski

Jess - seasoned status at Vski

D'Atra - Fresh graduate at Vski

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