"Since joining VskiSalon I

have been able to learn advanced techniques from platform artists, unlike what

I learned at my tech school. "


- Sara, Stylist     

"I have learned more in the past 6 months with VSKI than I did during my 12 months of cosmetology school. VSKI is a win!"


- Kiersten, Stylist

"VskiCosmetology School is a breath of fresh air to the Cosmetology industry! Had they been open in 2010, I would have been “all in” under their expertise and guidance."


- Tami, Stylist        

"VSKI educators are

platform artists which means

they have a unique way of relating to their students, as they are able to teach in ways that allow students to learn and perfect their profession."


- Sara, Stylist

"A lot of cosmetology schools focus on teaching you just enough to pass your basic state board exam. But if Cosmetology is what you love and is what you want to build a life around then you need more than that- you need VSKI Cosmetology School."


- Danielle, Stylist         

"And one of the most

essential reasons on what

makes Vski the best, they

actually care about every

individual and treat their staff and students with a mutual respect.  You’re not just a pay check like other schools make you feel."


- Tami, Stylist

Classes start every 14 weeks!

Class Schedule:




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