Cosmetology Program – Course Outline:

Cosmetology Program Description - The primary purpose of the Cosmetology Program is to train the student in the basic manipulative skills, safety judgments, proper work habits, and desirable attitudes necessary to pass the State Board examination and for competency in job entry-level positions in Cosmetology or a related career field.

Minimum required by the State Board of Cosmetology:

Cosmetology Program (Taught in English) 1500 Hours           

Full Time – 40 weeks Part Time – 55 weeks



COSMETOLOGY PROGRAM Full Time (37.5 hrs/wk): Tuesday – Saturday from 10:00am to 6:00pm

COSMETOLOGY PROGRAM Part Time (27.5 hrs/wk): Tuesday – Saturday from 4:00pm to 10:00pm

*Currently we are not enrolling for part time programs due to the pandemic.

Financial Aid available for those who may qualify? Click this link... and use VskiCosmetology School OPEID Code: 042815

To avoid delays, be sure to SELECT AWARD YEAR 2021-2022 first and then go back and select 2022-2023, you will need both for the cosmetology program! 





*Download student catalog for core details.

FRESHMAN............Hours  0-525

SOPHOMORE........Hours  525-900

JUNIOR....................Hours 900-1350

SENIOR....................Hours 1350-1500




Graduation Requirements In order to graduate and be recommended to the State Board for the licensure examination, the student must satisfy all financial obligations and complete the following requirements:

A. Each student must clock in the specified number of hours of training.

B. Maintain a satisfactory passing average, minimum of 75%

C. Pass a final examination with 75% or higher proficiency

D. Perform all services with a degree of perfection














During your time at Vski Cosmetology School, we put a spotlight on you to ensure every step of your education generates the skills and excitement you need to be a  successful cosmetologist. The success we teach will get you to wherever your dreams are: Runway, Editorial, Movies, film and advertsing, Bridal, & More!

There is no substitute for education. In order to gain a license in cosmetology in South Carolina you must have attended a licensed school, completed the minimum required training hours and have passed the state’s cosmetology board exams. Enjoy a private school education taught by national platform artists, smaller class sizes and individual mentorship at the Vski Cosmetology School.

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