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$1000 Cup of Coffee



What is the $"1000 Cup of Coffee"? It's a motivational business development class created by Chris Venesky who has travelled across the country providing help to entrepreneurs. 


His inspiration behind the class comes from experience in owning several different types of salons and wishing he knew then what he knows now.  His overall focus is to help stylists become successful. The best part of his ability to educate others in the world of business is the fact that he is still behind the chair making hair dance which solidifies his role as a mentor and entrepreneur. 



Motivational Business Development:
The 70% of success not taught in school



This motivational class will bring inspiration back to your life by fueling you with information most business classes don’t give you.  If you’ve ever wondered what is keeping you and your business from reaching the next level, whether you are a salon owner or a stylist, it could be that you are missing one or more of the four key fundamentals of salon growth.  The experience, communication, dreaming the impossible dream, and casting visions while tracking your growth.  This class is guaranteed to energize you by helping you avoid common challenges most experience on the path to success.

Chris Venesky

VskiSalon Owner,

Stylist, Dreamer

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