Esthetics Program – Course Outline:

Esthetics Program Description - The primary objective of the Esthetics Program curriculum is to prepare students for the state licensing examination in necessary to become a licensed Esthetician in S.C. The Esthetics Program includes business practices, facial massage, electrical facial treatments, hair removal, make-up, and body wraps and other related subjects necessary to pass the State Board examination and for competency in job entry-level positions in Esthetics or a related career field.

Minimum required by the State Board of Cosmetology:

Esthetics Program (Taught in English) 450 Hours

Full Time – 12 weeks Part Time – 22.5 weeks

ESTHETICS PROGRAM Full Time (37.5  hrs/wk): Tuesday – Saturday from 10:00am to 6:00pm

ESTHETICS PROGRAM Part Time (20 hrs/wk): Tuesday – Friday from 4:00pm to 9:00pm

*Currently we are not enrolling for part time programs due to the pandemic.


Course Hours: 450 clock hours


*Download student catalog for core details.

FRESHMAN....................Hours  0-200​

​SOPHMORE....................Hours  200-280​

JUNIOR...........................Hours 280-430

SENIOR...........................Hours 430-450


VskiCosmetology School’s Esthetics Program is a fully accredited, currently out of pocket program, due to the 12 week “quick” time frame. Financial Aid is not available at this time, which allows us to offer the required 450 hours SC State requires as opposed to the 600 hours to make a long term program the Department of Education requires. 


This cash pay course has been a huge success and the feedback from graduates loving the 3 months, 450 hrs, and done method has us maxing out enrollment each start date!  Don't wait as this is the only esthetics program around not making you take and pay for an extra 150 hours!


If you decide to do cosmetology, you get all 3 licenses, now for that, we offer financial aid.  I always say if you even remotely have interest in hair and nails then consider getting the full monty!!! Or even if you plan to be a business owner and do esthetics but hire others for hair and nails, it’s so important from a business perspective to know what is required of your employees and how to help them as well as it opens up so many more doors for you in the industry as it is always evolving and the elite like professionals with a lot of versatility. Just a thought. If you hate hair and skin though, totally go with esthetics.


For Esthetics Cash Pay, we offer 2 ways to do this.

$8500 for the program (12 weeks full time Tues-Sat 10-6) crazy I know you can be done then!!! Our current esthetic students have been loving it and they managed to find a way! I always say, anyone can do anything for 3 months, right?!  :)


One time payment of $8500

Or Down Payment of $1600 + $100 application fee (non-refundable) and 3 equal payments of $2300 first payment due first day of school, each consecutive month after that.  

All payments must be complete before graduating. This is the easiest way we can get this program going for everyone at the 12 week pace. 

Graduation Requirements

In order to graduate and be recommended to the State Board for the licensure examination, the student must satisfy all financial obligations and complete the following requirements:

A. Each student must clock in the specified number of hours of training.

B. Maintain a satisfactory passing average, minimum of 75%

C. Pass a final examination with 75% or higher proficiency

D. Perform all services with a degree of perfection

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