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Take the first steps to create the life you want, the life you've always dreamed about!







What kind of school and what calibur of instructors do you want teaching you? Do you want to just learn foundation and how to pass the state board exam or do you want to learn how to be successful in all aspects of the industry? We are different, but how? 

  • Premiere school located in Charleston, SC. Owned by nationally recognized platform artist, Chris Venesky, with over 30 years of experience in the Cosmetology field. Chris, travels the country teaching innovative and cutting edge techniques, works behind the scenes of New York Fashion Week and is a mentor on the American Association of Cosmetology board.

  • Exclusive Curriculums providing our future success stories the tools necessary in emotional and intellectual intelligence as well as technical and business skills not taught in foundational programs.

  • Taught by fully licensed, National Platform Artists and decades of experience while still servicing clients giving students relatable education. 

  • Individualized instruction with One-on-One mentorship to give more of an interpersonal education experience in smaller class sizes. Graduates may leave with the same diploma but the passion that brought you to the program wasn't the same. Vski provides more than a cookie cutter education.

  • Classrooms and Clinic Floors provide the equipment, professional products, and tools necessary for your success 

  • Using a variety of brands and newer technology products to help expand your employment options.

  • In just 10 months become a fully licensed, highly skilled stylist and start changing lives

  • Financial Aid and Payment Plans are available to those who qualify!



"We don't teach you to be a product. We teach you to be successful."

  - Chris Venesky 

So what is the difference between Vski and everyone else?

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